Walgreens - Ology
@ Transistor Studios

00:03 – 00:07

Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing for Oil Drum, Beaker, and Machine.


Cabin in Woods
Personal Project

00:07 – 00:14

Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing + Grass


Living Room
Personal Project

00:15 – 00:18

Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing


Personal Project

00:18 – 00:24

Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing


Personal Project

00:25 – 00:30

Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing


@ Your Majesty

00:30 – 00:38

Green Screen Cleanup, Rotoscoping, Compositing


Google Chromecast
@ Decon

00:38 – 00:43

Modeling of TV & Google Key


@ Nathan Love

00:43 – 00:45

Lighting on hero character. Created and organized render passes.



00:45 – 00:47

Modeled background grass and flowers. Created and organized render passes.


Let’s Go Polly!
@ Nathan Love

00:48 – 00:50

Environment Modeling of Shrubs, Flowers, and Grass. Previz layout of houses, background elements, and plant elements.



00:50 – 00:55

Modeled Accessories in Store Hallway { including shopping bags, background hats, purses}. Previz layout of stores. Modeled background store assets for mall atrium.



00:56 – 00:59

Modeled Shrubs, Background Roller Coaster Track and Ferris Wheel, Pollypocket.com. Previz layout of houses, background elements, and plant elements.


Ken Lee
Lighting & Compositing

He is a 3D artist based in NYC and graduated from Parsons The New School for Design.
When he is not working in the digital world, Ken is trying new foods or volunteering at his church.
You can reach him at ken@kenlee.tv

He is currently freelancing and was a Lighting Technical Assistant at Blue Sky Studios.
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